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Outstanding College

St Maximiliancolbe programs are well designed to fully prepare student for their future career.  The students are exposed to a broad range of pharmacy related disciplines. Students have great flexibil


To help you get the most out of your study, you will have group and individual meetings with your tutor. Furthermore, because of the small scale of the programme,  St Maximiliancolbe students form a t

Educational approach

This is why every course also contains a group project where you work with fellow students on real-life biomedical problems. This way, you learn to apply the theory of pharmaceutical science to creati

Contribute to society

There is a great medical need for new drugs. Is it your dream to contribute to the development of these new medicines that could improve the health of many people? When given an assignment, do you lik

A rewarding career

An apprenticeship in Pharmacy opens doors. Doors into a diverse and richly fulfilling career that offers the potential for fast progression, along with the generous remuneration that brings a valuable

Community Pharmacy

Pharmacists in the community practice occupy a unique position. A pharmacist’s advice is readily available to the public. For that reason, the community pharmacy is the most immediately availabl